About Japanese Language Program

The Japanese Language Program (Bekka) at Reitaku University was founded in 1976. It is a one-year Japanese learning program with a long history, having admitted 2,000 students from 44 countries and regions to date. In addition to being experienced in Japanese language education, it is an official university program thereby allowing international students to use school facilities such as the library, PC room, and cafeteria, just like all other university students. International students are also able to attend graduate school classes and earn credits, once certain prerequisites are satisfied.

Japanese language classes are held in small groups according to each level, enabling students to practice oral communication at each individual's level. In addition, students are given careful guidance through our supervising teacher system. Furthermore, at our unique Global Dormitory, international students live together with Japanese students and are given the opportunity to be immersed in Japanese 24 hours a day.

Bekka is based on studying basic Japanese while aiming to obtain the skills that each student needs to achieve their goal after completing the course. It offers preparatory classes for university (including preparation for various exams), and classes to acquire the advanced Japanese language skills and knowledge required to work in Japanese companies. There are also support systems such as enrollment by recommendation to Reitaku University or other universities, scholarship programs, and partial tuition subsidies.

Japanese Team Teaching and In-School Support

In order for international students to learn effectively after arriving in Japan, we provide them with a 24-hour support system beyond Japanese teachers, including admissions faculty for each affiliated school, an International Exchange Center to assist with the challenges of living overseas, and a unique Global Dormitory, where international students are partners with Japanese students as roommates. We are dedicated to ensuring that students feel safe and comfortable at our school so that they can focus on improving their global communications skills.

The Japanese language classes are conducted by teams of several teachers. As a result, our students attain Japanese language skills from a variety of perspectives. Throughout the program, our teaching teams are always cognizant of the PDCA cycle. Another student-focused feature is our coordinator system, in which students are free to ask questions or consult with coordinators at anytime. Students also have access to a wide range of campus facilities, such as the Writing Support Room, CALL Room, and PC Room, which enrich their studies outside the class. Furthermore, there are a variety of opportunities for interaction with Reitaku University students not studying Japanese, such as the I-Lounge where students can communicate in various languages and RIFA, a student organization supporting exchange students.

About Reitaku University

Reitaku Universicy was founded in 1935 by Dr. Chikuro Hiroike, aiming to establish world-class thought on ethics based on scientific approaches. Dr. Hiroike said intelligence and ethics are equally important because intelligence is only useful when it is used with good moral. Since then, Reitaku University has beed working hard to send out many global-minded students to the world.

Today, Reitaku has 111 full-time faculties and 150 part-time to support students' academic life. More than 2,500 students study business or foreign languages for degrees, and nearly 400 of them are from overseas like China, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, the United States, Germany, etc. The University also runs a lot of community programs designed for students including foreign students to exchange in various levels.

Reitaku also has a good record in finance, recording surplus for many years.

Messages from Reitaku Faculties

Osamu Nakayama President
Reitaku University
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Hiroya Ono Vice President
Reitaku University
Masashi Nakajima Professor
the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration


Full-time Faculties: 6
(Part-time: 12)

Suzuka Masamune
Professor, Dean of the Japanese Language Program
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Shoko Ieda
Associate Professor, Curriculum Coordinator
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Kazuhiko Tsutsumi
Associate Professor
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Megumi Nakayama
Associate Professor
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Rie Kourakata
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Sayuri Morisawa
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Green Technologies

Japanese Language Program classes are all carried out in Asunaro Bldg., received a Good Design Award in 2012 for its environmental conservation ideas. Asunaro is built with a lot of new technologies such as attendance recognition system by a non-contact IC cards.

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