Program Outline

The program mainly aims to provide knowledge of Japanese, Japanese cultures and affairs and symbiosis of cultures, as well as developing practical Japanese skills, for international students, young returnees from abroad who wish to enter Japanese universities or graduate schools and exchange students from affiliated universities. The program will be divided into three classes and provide lessons according to the students' proficiency in Japanese.

Throughout a year you will learn vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening, writing and conversation in the right equilibrium. In the Spring semester, you will develop the fundamental Japanese skills in classes such as Primary II, Primary and Intermediate II, Intermediate, Advanced and Superior I, and in the Fall semester, you will develop further skills in classes such as Primary and Intermediate I and Intermediate, Advanced and Superior II.

In addition to the above-mentioned class-work, some extracurricular activities will be arranged, including a welcome party for international students, a seminar at Seminar House (Tanigawa, Gunma Prefecture), a field trip to Nikko and homestay programs with Japanese families. Students will also have a chance to join in the Sports Festival, University Festival, One Day Field Trip for International Students and Rice-Cake Making Festival.

We have a special admission system, which allows students whose Japanese or English proficiency is high (with scores of N1-120 or higher on Japanese Language Proficiency Test, level 1) to take undergraduate or graduate courses while they stay registered in the Japanese Language Program. Only motivated students with clear goals of their study may attend classes for undergraduate or graduate courses if they are approved.

The credits you obtain by the special admission system will be admitted as your credits to graduate from undergraduate or graduate programs of Reitaku University. Other Japanese universities may also recognize them.

Semester Dates

The period of the program is one year. It commences in April (Spring Admission) and in September (Fall Admission). The academic year is divided into two semesters.
--Spring Semester: From April 1st to September 19th
--Fall Semester: From September 20th to March 31st

Fees, Scholarships and Priviledges

FeesAnnual AmountPayment Due
Closing date of the each entrance formalitiesSeptember 19, 2015 (March 31, 2016)
Enrolement FeeJPY 130,000JPY 130,000--
TuitionJPY 500,000JPY 250,000JPY 250,000
Alumni Assotiation MembershipJPY 10,000JPY 10,000--
Year TotalJPY 640,000JPY 390,000JPY 250,000


  1. Tuition includes fees for text books and field trips.
  2. The above school fees should not be paid later than the due date. If the successful candidates cannot meet the deadline, their admission shall be cancelled.
  3. We cannot accept foreign currencies. Payments must be made in Japanese yen.
  4. Please wire with your acceptance number as a successful candidate.
  5. For a wire transfer from overseas, an additional 2,500 yen is needed to cover the commission for converting it into cash.
  6. These fees are not refundable.
Scholarships and Priviledges
  1. Students with excellent academic records and good attendance in the first semester may be provided scholarships following a performance review by the university.
    • Reitaku University International Students Scholarship - ten students / JPY 100,000 annually per person to be planned in the current academic year
    • Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Honors Scholarship for International Students - one student / JPY 48,000 monthly per person guaranteed in the current academic year
  2. The on-site dormitories are available for international students. There are separate men's and women's residences, which are shared with Japanese students. Students who have registered in the Japanese Language Program have priority to become dormitory residents. A discounted fee is provided for non-Japanese.


Annual Events

201x academic year for reference

Spring SemesterMarch28Dormitory Opens
29Campus Life Orientation
April2Entrance Ceremony
Introduction of Teachers of the Japanese Language Program
3Academic Orientation
Library Orientation
4Placement Test
7Library Orientation
9Medical Check
10Starting Day
25Welcome Party for International Students
May29 - 30Field Trip for Students of the Japanese Language Program
June4Memorial Day of Reitaku University
151st Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)
July61st Japanese Language Proficiency Test
28 - Aug. 2Term-end Examinations
August7Program Completion Ceremony for Fall Admission Students
8 - Sep. 8Summer Holiday
Fall SemesterSeptember5Dormitory opens
TBDCampus Life Orientation, Library Orientation
10Entrance Ceremony for Fall Admission Students
11Academic Orientation
12Japanese Language Placement Test
19Medical Check
20Classes start
October16Reitaku University Test for Screening Candidates for Recommendation
18One Day Field Trip for International Students
30 - Nov. 4University Festival
November92nd Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)
December5Rice-cake Making Festival
72nd Japanese Language Proficiency Test
18Reitaku University Test for Screening Candidates for Recommendation
20Classes end
21 - Jan. 5New Year Holiday
January6Classes start
26Classes end
27 - Feb. 2Term-end Examinations
30Program Completion Party for Spring Admission Students
March14Program Completion Ceremony for Spring Admission Students

Daily Life in Bekka

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Download Application

Application form (can be used for applying any academic year) is available. Please Download the application from below green button. Please be sure to write down your name and address correctly. What you write down in the download application form in the next page will be used automatically on address labels when we send test result and other IMPORTANT information. (English, Japanese and Chinese versions are available.)