Developing Practical Japanese Skills

At Reitaku University's Japanese Language Program, our mission is to foster strong Japanese communication skills that emphasize individuality, while respecting the cultural background of each and every student.

We divide Japanese communication skills into four stages: basic skills, application skills, practical skills, and social skills. We offer courses for acquiring knowledge and skills to master each level. Our program enables students to learn Japanese effectively through detailed guidance customized to fit each individual.

At the basic skills level, which is focused on teaching the fundamentals of Japanese, students learn to express themselves both verbally and in writing, while taking part in activities to become familiar with listening and reading in their daily lives. After completing the basic skills level, students progress to the application skills level and acquire a well-rounded understanding of Japanese that enables more advanced expressions. Next, at the practical skills level, students learn Japanese in the broader context that is necessary for more dynamic communication. Our mission is to develop globally minded citizens who not only develop strong Japanese abilities but also gain a firm grasp of the “social skills” that will help them thrive in Japanese society.