Nakajima Masashi: Professor at Reitaku University

40th Anniversary Interview

There have been an increasing number of international students who enter undergraduate programs and graduate programs at Reitaku University, after completing the Japanese Language Program on the same campus, to get a higher education in economics or other fields. The most sought-after professor among such international students these days is Professor Masashi Nakajima, who had a long career at the Bank of Japan and is teaching at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and the Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration.

After graduating from Hitotsubashi University, Professor Nakajima joined the Bank of Japan in 1981 and held various senior positions in the Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies, International Department, and other departments, as well as being engaged in policy decision making at an international organization called the Bank for International Settlement (BIS), during his successful 25-year career at the bank. Professor Nakajima has been teaching practical financial theory and economics, etc. at Reitaku University since 2006.

Practical Training of Useful Skills

Professor Nakajima's financial theory seminar is focusing on developing students' presentation skills. At the "BOJ Grand Prix," an essay and presentation contest for college students organized by the BOJ, one of his seminar students won the Grand Prix Award in 2010. Since then, students from the seminar have won prizes many times. “Presentation skills and speech delivery skills are some of the most useful skills for you after you graduate from school. Students in my seminar are getting training in presentation skills with a goal of acquiring skills high enough to win awards in external presentation contests. I often receive a word of thanks from graduates of this seminar that these skills have been very useful in business,” says Professor Nakajima. It is indeed a valuable experience that students can learn world-class know-how in presentation from a person who delivered speeches and presentations at numerous international conferences as a representative of the BOJ.

Vision for Finance Studies

While being actively involved in Japan Society of Monetary Economics and international conferences, Professor Nakajima has been focusing particularly on blockchain technology, the technology underlying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, over the past few years. With blockchain technology, transactions are recorded in a blockchain database, whereby blocks are linked to each other like a chain in chronological order, preventing unauthorized transactions. The blockchain is like a massive ledger of every transaction, and the ledger (record of ownership) is also called the distributed ledger as it is managed in a distributed network.

A number of demonstration experiments on blockchain technology are currently under way around the world. Compared to conventional bank-to-bank transactions, transactions using blockchain technology is a significantly lower-cost and much safer alternative. Therefore, blockchain is considered to have the potential to drastically change conventional financial transactions. Commenting on the potential of blockchain technology, Professor Nakajima says, “Blockchain is highly likely to be adopted world-wide in securities trading and international payment, and can be a technology that will have a major impact on the banking industry in emerging nations.” He also adds, “I hope that students from Southeast Asian and other emerging nations will learn new technologies and Japan’s expertise in financial and monetary policies in my seminar.”

Professor Nakajima's book, Kinyu Tokuhon (guidebook to finance), is a popular finance theory textbook used in universities in Japan. But it is only at Reitaku University that students can actually take classes taught by its author.

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