General Information

Reitaku University's Global Dormitory was opened in 2013 as one of the most reasonable and beautiful dormitories in Japan.

Our educational philosophy is to fully equip our students with both professional and global literacy (the ability to communicate and exploit their knowledge in the international community) and a high sense of civil responsibility and ethics, thereby allowing them to become people who are sought after in society. In this environment, we sincerely hope our students will attain the virtues that will inspire others to trust them, stressing the importance of the spirit of Shitei-dougaku (a way of thinking in which teachers and students learn together and from each other). The Global Dormitory, we believe, will also play an important role in such an endeavor.

Moreover, one big difference between the dormitory of the earlier times and that of the present is that in the latter the majority of the boarders are international students, which affords more human interactions across borders. Therefore, we would like to define our new dormitory as an international dormitory of “learning”; in other words, a place where each individual student cultivates in themselves a sense of internationalism and enriches their sense of humanity.

Therefore, remaining true to the central tenets of our educational philosophy and to our rich history and tradition, the new dormitory is named the “Global Dormitory” with the concept of the formation of a "Global Learning Community." In contrast to living in an apartment, our Global Dormitory offers five kinds of valuable “encounters”: (1) encounter with other students of different ages; (2) encounter with communal living; (3) encounter with different cultures; (4) encounter with self; and (5) encounter with the predecessors, alumni and traditions of the dormitory. With these precious encounters as a pivot, and in this naturally beautiful environment with such modern facilities, we hope that you will acquire the human qualities and adaptability so necessary for success in this age of globalization.


  1. Students of the Japanese Language Program will be given priority in the allowance of dormitory rooms. The facility is gender-segregated, and located on campus.
  2. Dormitory Facilities
    • A bed, wardrobe, desk, bookshelf and commodity box are provided in each private room.
    • The internet is available. (Paid service. Preliminary application required)
    • Shared items: a washer, coin-operated clothing dryers, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, etc.
    • Each room is equipped with a heater and air conditioner.
    • Bath is available in each dormitory. Showers are also available.
  3. The Rules of the Dormitory
    • The dormitory is managed based on the autonomy of student and all students live and follow the dormitory rule and obligations each other in cooperation with the students' dormitory leader and other officers. For smooth and harmonious working of dormitory life, the rules such as curfew (12:00 a.m.), submission of written overnight leave requests, regular duties such as dormitory meeting and cleanup activities, and so on must be observed.
    • Meals are available at the student cafeteria "Hiiragi."
    • All students are encouraged to participate in several dormitory activities organized by the students themselves such as the Sports Festival, and other events.
    • The dormitory will be closed during the vacations. The university, however, may allow students to stay in the dormitory if they submit the necessary documents.

We may order students to leave the dormitory if they break the dormitory rules.


Application to the Dormitory

Those who want to live in the dormitory must apply by filling out the "Dormitory Residence Application Form" to be submitted at the time of university entrance procedures.

Dormitory TypeAnnual FeePayment Due
Along with the due date of each entrance formalitySeptember 19, 2018 (March 31, 2019)
Residence D (Old)JPY 436,000JPY 218,000JPY 218,000
Residence A / B / C (New)JPY 506,000JPY 253,000JPY 253,000
  1. The above-mentioned expenses are for international students. A part of a Room Fee (JPY 50,000) is reduced.
  2. The internet access via wireless LAN is available at all new dormitory rooms in free. If you wish to stay in an old facility, please consult with the administrator for the internet access.
  3. The room charge does not cover meals.
  4. Annual bedding lease is JPY 24,000.
  5. For a wire transfer from overseas, an additional 2,500 yen is needed to cover the commission for converting it into cash.
  6. Your application may be rejected if we cannot confirm your dormitory payment by each due date above.

Daily Life in Global Dormitory

Download Application

Application form (can be used for applying any academic year) is available. Please Download the application from below green button. Please be sure to write down your name and address correctly. What you write down in the download application form in the next page will be used automatically on address labels when we send test result and other IMPORTANT information. (English, Japanese and Chinese versions are available.)